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 Custom Manufacturing Gore-Tex

Here Are Some Of The Most Popular Custom Design & Artwork

Product Design & Sketches

Design Your Own Clothing According To Your Requirements


Cutting And Sewing

    Your personalized clothes will be cut and sewed from the fabric you choose according to the pattern you approve. Before being sewn or stitched together, all garment items are sorted by size, color, and number.

    As the best jacket OEM servicer,  makes great efforts to support our clients with our advantages in sampling, manufacturing and material sourcing.

    Our close attentions to fashion information allow us to keep in line with the latest trend. So we can enrich your fabric options by upgrading our fabrics samples per season with 30-50 new choices and send free fabric samples to all clients timely.

Fabrics Go With

   Tech Pack

     The clothing mockups are typically included in your product's tech pack. The tech packs make it easier for the manufacturer to understand your design and manufacture the product according to it. The mockup file helps create professional clothing mockups and present your garment/apparel products like every professional clothing line.

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